Fare Play
By Kat Magrowitz

Type: TV series
Genre: comedy, drama

Tagline: “Changing the way things change.”

Synopsis: When a high-flying exec of a start-up is betrayed by his business partner he joins the competition they set out to disrupt.

Reference: “Silicon Valley” meets “Suits.”

The Shadows
By Kat Magrowitz
Story idea with Holger Karsten Schmidt

Type: Feature film
Genre: thriller

Tagline: “You can run but you can’t hide.”

Synopsis: An innocent top attorney is being framed for murder and has to go on the run to discover the truth.

Reference: “Three Days of the Condor” meets “The Sting of the Scorpion.“

Note: script development with
German film board FFA Berlin

Once Upon a Time In Berlin
By Kat Magrowitz

Type: Feature film, limited series
Genre: drama, thriller

Tagline: “In war, no one stays innocent.”

Synopsis: An idealistic young girl living under a communist regime is torn between her loyalties and wanting to protect those she loves. Based on real events.

Reference: “The Lives of Others” meets “Once Upon a Time in America.”

Note: Won Fellowship LA Writers 2019, finalist The Writer's Lab New York 2019, The Writer’s Lab Europe 2022.

By Kat Magrowitz
Story idea with Matt Orton

Type: Feature film
Genre: comedy, action, heist, caper

Tagline: “The Italian Job with black cabs.”

Synopsis:A group of aspiring black cabbies endeavour to complete a crazy heist in order to fund their training and solve their financial problems.

Reference: “The Italian Job” meets “The Full Monty.”

Note: British underdog comedy, slick, cool look, seemingly effortless and highly stylised, with quotable cultural references and quick witt.