'Anna K.'

By Kat Magrowitz

An anonymous letter pulls Anna back to Berlin after 25years . Someone's trying to access her Stasi file. To find the reason, she has to own up to her own past. 'Once Upon a Time in America' epic story.

Genre: drama

Status:  script development with 
German Filmboard Filmburo MV

‘The Shadows’

By Kat Magrowitz
Story idea with Holger Karsten Schmidt

An innocent top attorney is being framed for murder and has to go on the run to discover the truth in this, 'Three Days of the Condor' story.

Genre: thriller

Status: script development with
German film board FFA Berlin

‘Collateral damages‘

By Kat Magrowitz

East Germany, 1986, behind the Iron Curtain: An idealistic young woman falls in love with a resistance fighter, with unforeseen consequences.

Genre: drama, coming of age, love story

Status: script ( winner of LA Writer for Writer fellowship)


By Kat Magrowitz
Story idea with Matt Orton, additional material Nate Weissman

Fun and feel good action comedy of a group of underdogs trying to turn around their lives on a roller coaster ride of hope for a second chance in life. The Full Monty meets The Italian Job.

Genre: action comedy

Status: pre-production